Homestead Land Holdings complaints

Homestead Land Holdings complaints
Homestead Land Holdings complaints

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Homestead residents with 3-D glasses sitting in the Chill Room waiting for the A/C to be repaired at 50 Rosehill

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Homestead Land Holdings Head Office
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Homestead Land Holdings Free Parking Pass

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Here you can share your stories about the drama going on in your building.
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  1. After reading the comments about the A/C problems on myhood for 50 Rosehill in Toronto and the CTV reports for the Homestead buildings in Ottawa,
    they are almost the same. It really is a Twilight Zone. WoW That's weird.

  2. Anybody know where to get this movie?
    I tried Rogers and Blockbusters
    My parents are property managers for Homestead

  3. You can get the movie at this Blockbusters

  4. I love your website, very informative.
    I have family in one of Homesteads buildings in Ottawa, prefer not to say which one as they are scared.
    These quotes from other tenants are so true.

    "you always get the feeling they are trying to pull a fast one over you"

    "My apt. isn't stifling but you do not get that "cooled" feeling"

  5. Found this on TABS site.
    Homestead Land Holdings writes down the age of complainants regarding not enough heat.

    "We suspect most likely the reason for collecting this data is to provide insight into future complaints. (i.e. if a heating complaint comes from an elderly person it may not be acted on as it is believed that the elderly feel cold even when adequate heating is provided).

    Our intent in bringing this issue to attention was simply to make members AWARE that the landlord is recording this information.

    TABS Action Team"

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA or clean your house you pigs. so since your a slob people should have to spend hours cleaning your GD mess. GRow up your mama doesnt live here

  6. Re: Cleaning fees

    Unless you do damage to the apartment, for example: kick the walls in etc.
    You DO NOT have to pay for what would be considered Normal Wear and Tear.
    If you painted the place some fugly colours, then you have to paint it back to the original colour,
    usually some shade of white is the standard.
    If you put a nail in the wall you have to leave it there or patch the hole.
    You can get some drywall putty at any hardware store and it's very easy to use.
    It looks like a tube of toothpaste, for about $5 at Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire etc.
    It dries in 1 hour and you can plug the holes putting a little bit on your finger or a putty knife.
    When you are moving out, just clean the apartment and take some pictures.

    If you are going to live in a Homestead building it's a good idea to learn how to do your own repairs anyways, otherwise you could be waiting a long time for them to fix anything.
    The reason being is that most of the repair work is contracted out to independent contractors.
    so the reasoning goes, there's no point calling the plumber for just 1 unit, wait until there is 2 or 3 apartments that need work then do them all at once to save money.
    It is also a good idea to keep a copy of any correspondence, repair orders etc.

  7. Re: Cleaning fees
    It is also a good idea to take pictures of the rest of the building, interior and exterior, hallways, stairways, etc.
    To compare how clean or dirty and what condition the common areas are in.

  8. Amos believes landlords have to absorb the costs of general wear and tear as the cost of doing business. Many units are rented through referrals from existing tenants who are happy with their accommodations.
    “That can go a long way in the marketing,” Amos adds.

    London Property Management Association - June 2010 newsletter page 10

    Full story here

  9. Good little scam at Homestead Land HoldingsDecember 22, 2010 at 5:44 PM

    It appears that "Cleaning Fees" charged to tenants when moving out could be used as a cash incentive,
    sort of like a Bonus,
    for the Building Managers / Superintendents whatever,
    to try and get tenants to move out.
    Higher turnover = more cash.
    And raise the rent each time.

    1. The cleaning fees and damages from move-out inspections certainly do not result in bonuses for superintendents or building managers, the only company I have heard does this is Effort Trust.

  10. Riviera Gate Apartments - Ottawa
    eight said:

    "Then I had my move out inspection. Fatima and the 2 supers came in with their clipboards and checked off what we needed to do before we moved out and gave us a price list of these things if they weren't done. washing and stripping of tiles $75 min, cleaning of insides of windows $100,appliances cleaning$75 each,cleaning of sink$50,garbage rmovale in parking spot$150, oil leak $100,can you imagine I could make so much money doing move outs here..... NOT"

    1. You should have said "Just go away"

      BUT THEY HAD A CLIPBOARD...............

  11. 2011 Rent Increase GuidelineJanuary 5, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    McGuinty Government Protects Tenants From Excessive Rent Increases

    Ontario's rent increase guideline for the year 2011 will be 0.7 per cent, the lowest guideline in the 35-year history of rent regulation in Ontario.

    "The McGuinty government is providing real protection for tenants by linking the rent increase guideline to the Ontario Consumer Price Index, which prevents routine rent increases above the rate of inflation, while ensuring landlords can recover increases in their costs."

    – Jim Bradley
    Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

  12. November 17, 2010
    Kim Leonard
    Licensing & Enforcement
    The City of Kingston
    216 Ontario St.
    Kingston, ON
    K7L 2Z3

    Subject: Noise Exemption
    Homestead Landholdings has made an application to extend the noise 7:00am to 1:00am.

    Ms Leonard,
    My first reaction was you can’t be serious. Whom in there right mind would think that this would be acceptable.
    However, when things seem that unbelievable is exactly when you should take it seriously.
    We are residents of 144 Barrett Court, #104 which is on the north east corner of the building which is directly exposed the noise ( heavy trucks, shovels, stone crusher and blasting) of the site. We were aware that this new building would be under construction while we resided at this address and we accept that there would be some discomforts and annoyances. That being said this request of Homestead Landholdings is absurd and brings into question its reputation as a corporate citizen as well as the contempt that this request has for the quality of life of the existing residents. This is simply an unreasonable request.
    Would you or anyone on council or the president of Homestead Landholdings or it’s executive be willing to have blasting and stone crushing vibrating into their homes or lives at 10:00pm, 11:00pm, 12:00am or 1:00am.
    If this is simply an attempt by a company to push the envelope because the procedures allow for such requests I hope the government will push back……respectively of course.
    Again, I can’t believe how disrespectful this request is.

    Daniel Oxley
    #104-144 Barrett Court
    Kingston, Ontario

    more comments here.

  13. Now Playing at theatres on Barrett CourtJanuary 8, 2011 at 4:10 AM

    Barrett Place at 144 Barrett Court in Kingston is a luxury apartment building owned by Homestead Land Holdings.
    (They even have a Cinema Room to watch the movie)

    They are constructing a new building at 151 Barrett Court and appear to be driving their existing tenants batty with late night construction noise.
    We will probably be seeing more reviews or a new blog soon.
    I don't think these tenants and neighbouring condominiums are going to put up with this shit.

  14. homestead newbie!...mississauga building (listed as toronto on their site, another teeny tiny module of mistruths done on the unsuspecting), we the new victims to homesteads bulldozer tactics. as they tear apart our homes (25+ notices of entry in 8-9 months). I don`t feel like this is my home, like i am just a bad room-mate, except I am paying full pop for it. now they are asking for an increase over and above, yadda yadda...i had to go thru it and now asked to pay for it...ludicris!!!! well we will fight, they are on the hook for a number of things....we too are having heat and plumbing issues, as well as communication problems with the less than engliish speaking team, and the less than taken serious about our concerns upper management. This isn`t nit picky stuff out there....these people are sadly monopolizing the rental market

  15. Small landlord that loves good tenantsJanuary 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    Re: cleaning fees
    I heard about this web site from one of my tenants that used to live in a Homestead building.
    Unless you leave your apartment like a pig pen,
    you do not have to pay anybody cleaning fees.
    No court in the country would make you pay.
    Just say no.
    There is a thing called reasonable wear and tear that we landlords have to take into consideration in this business.
    Obviously the longer the person resides in the apartment, the more wear and tear.
    Some tenants can destroy their apartment in a week and don't pay their rent and are a total nightmare to get rid of, which makes some landlords think all tenants are bad and it becomes us against them.
    I would love to have only good tenants that pay their rent on time and don't disturb the neighbours,
    I wouldn't even raise their rent each year.
    I would want them to stay forever.
    It takes a very long time to recoup the money lost if an apartment stays vacant for just 1 month.
    Do the math.

    1. Where are you? Sure as heck not 1110 Caven St.

      I want to rent from you.

  16. Luxury Condo for Rent - coming soonFebruary 3, 2011 at 4:10 PM

    Interest rates will be rising soon,
    and people will be defaulting on their mortgages.
    The result will be luxury condos for rent at the same price your now paying to live in a
    Homestead Land Holdings movie studio

  17. Riviera Gate apartmentsFebruary 4, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    It looks like the Riviera Gate Tenants website is being attacked by spammers on not enough Ritalin.
    These are the Homestead buildings that called CTV news about no A/C last summer.
    This is a very interesting building according to CBC news in 2006

    "The Riviera Gate apartments at 1300 Pinecrest Road look a lot like other highrise apartments across the city.

    But there’s more to this 21-storey brown brick building than meets the eye. Inside its walls you’ll find people of all ages, interests, and ethnic groups, a microcosm of the riding where the building sits.

    During elections, the building is also a complete polling area, with a polling station right in the lobby. That polling area is called Poll 418. And the people who live there, vote. Eighty-three percent of the eligible voters cast a ballot there in the last election, compared to 61 per cent across the country.

    Poll 418 also had the highest voter turnout in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean. That riding is currently the scene of one of Ottawa’s hottest races. In the last election, Liberal Marlene Catterall won her seat by only 1,380 votes, against a Conservative challenger who was a virtual unknown. This time, Liberal candidate Lee Farnworth is facing a former provincial cabinet minister: Conservative John Baird.

    Ottawa Morning looks at election issues and the race in Ottawa West-Nepean through the eyes of the voters of Poll 418"

  18. They are the worst landlords and the worst employers.

  19. I've stayed at many hotels and motels all across Canada and the USA,
    and never had to pay cleaning fees at checkout time.
    So why would I pay Homestead apartments.

    1. To compare staying in a motel/hotel for a few nights a year to an apartment that you are in for a minimum of 1 year is ludacris... Living in the same place for a year is going to cause more damage, mess and problems then a night or two at a hotel. I dont know of any apartment (or landlord) that would not have some standards set for cleaning and damages come move-out time; whether you are charged them or not is another story.

    2. When you go to Chuckee Cheese for the Homestead Employee Family Christmas Dinner do they make you wash the dishes, table, floor etc. or is it included in the price?

  20. Another Homestead building has a blog. Living conditions must be really nice there, Ha Ha, the tenants group have a representative on each floor. Heather Trimble's managing the place.
    2493 Lakeshore Blvd West Toronto

  21. As advertised on

    Landmark Apartments 2493 Lake Shore Blvd W. Availability at this popular property changes often, so please call.


  22. Reading these blogs and comments made me think of this song, not sure why but it's a classic anyway.

    Hotel California by The Eagles

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    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before
    'Relax,' said the night man,
    'We are programmed to receive.
    You can check-out any time you like,
    But you can never leave!'

  23. 129 Wellington st is absolutely horrible...the superintendants Jen is such a jelous bitch!

  24. Pharmacy Place, TorontoMay 14, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    Is this sight for real? I have many complaints about the management and not sure who I can call. Is the head office in Ottawa/Kingston?

  25. Homestead Land Holdings - Head Office

    80 Johnson Street,
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    K7L 1X7

    Phone: (613) 546-3146

    Fax: (613) 546-5206


  26. I think cleaning fees are a good idea.
    Next time the Baynes check-in my motel, I'll be sure to leave them some cleaning supplies, so they can wash and strip the floors, wash the windows, clean the whole place up for the next guest.
    Why should I have to do it. I'm the Manager.
    Oh yeah, and maybe I'll start renovating the room beside them at midnight.
    Y'all come back now ya hear

  27. The Lincoln LawyerMay 15, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Your honor, my client Ms. Smith has a new
    Mercedes Benz that doesn't leak oil, but one day while she was out shopping at the mall
    for a portable air conditioner to put in her apartment window, during an unbearable heat wave.....................
    some stranger parked their car in her spot and leaked some oil.
    Whether the culprit was there for 1 minute or 1 hour we don't really know. All we know is that there is an oil spot there and my client has no control over the parking spot when she's not there and can't be held liable for oil spot cleaning fees to Homestead Land Holdings.
    We've had investigators from CSI Miami go over the vehicle from top to bottom and there is positively, absolutely no oil in the car.
    How it runs, we don't know.

    Not Guilty

  28. Urine stain on carpetMay 15, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    Pharmacy Place, Toronto said...

    Is this sight for real? I have many complaints about the management and not sure who I can call. Is the head office in Ottawa/Kingston?
    May 14, 2011 11:09 AM

    The question should be:

    Is Homestead Land Holdings management for real?

  29. Upper Canada Court Tenant Association
    110 - 140 - 160 Erskine Ave. + 1000 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Toronto

    Concerning the Charges for Visitor Parking

  30. 1 tenant associationMay 22, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    Re: Upper Canada Court Tenant Association

    Good to see some tenants from many buildings joining together to form 1 tenant association.

    Since we all have similar problems with the Landlord, Homestead Land Holdings sooner or later.

    I would like to suggest a new Homestead Tenants Association that includes all of their 22,000+ tenants.

    I nominate Kingston Kittens & Stoniepooh to lead the new tenants association,
    and Don & Sheila Bayne representing Homestead Holdings.
    Then they duke it out on the Jerry Springer show

  31. The Area manager and his son, if everyone only knew what I know!

  32. If anyone has any complaints against management in Ottawa or Kingston, Good Luck! They all band together and cover each other, The only thing that matters to these people is money.

  33. In Ontario,
    Additional fees or deposits are illegal, except "last month's rent".
    A landlord cannot collect a damage deposit that they would use if there is damage done to the unit. Also, a landlord cannot use the last month's rent deposit to cover damages in the unit.

    "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

  34. Homestead Tenants AssociationJune 4, 2011 at 4:46 PM

    A new tenant association sounds like a good idea.
    Kingston Kittens already has some experience with Homestead Holdings in court.
    She whopped their ass in 2006
    And with Stoniepoo riding shotgun, well what can I say.
    Lets just say that if everyone of Homesteads 22000+ tenants paid $10./year to join.
    That's $220,000.00
    Should be enough to pay them a good salary, hire a lawyer and rent an office in a clock tower

  35. Concerning the charges for visitor parking.
    Let me see if I understand this.
    First Homestead says that there are 400 vacant parking spots in the garage every night for the Erskine apartments
    and that will be more than enough to supply the new building proposed at 1000 Mt. Pleasant.
    But now that 1000 Mt. Pleasant is built there's not enough spots so they want to charge for visitor parking.
    Ya, that makes cent$.

    I realize that some buildings probably have a lot of bogus visitors, just looking for a free place to park.
    So how about this,
    Give all the tenants a Visitor Parking Pass that they can let their visitors use for free parking.
    And since there won't be enough spots for everyone, first come first served.
    And I guess you could put a time limit if visitors are staying too long.
    That's life in downtown Toronto, where parking is hard to come by.
    Ride a bike or take the bus.

  36. Think twice about renting from Homestead.
    I worked in their mechanical department for five years before I was forced out after knowing to much about how the area manager and his son run the Ottawa portfolio.
    The only thing thse two idiots care about is making their personal fortune.
    After seeing the way they treat the tenants, I'm actually glad I don't work there anymore.
    I just can't be a part of a company where these two morons work.

  37. Did you hear the one about the Ottawa Area Manager mistreating his wife and having an affair with his secretary?
    If you only knew what I know!

  38. Timbercreek buying Homestead buildingsJune 17, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Formerly owned by Homestead Land Holdings the portfolio is comprised of 50, 66 & 80 Mooregate Crescent in Kitchener and 24, 26 & 28 Helen Avenue in Brantford.
    Homestead's CEO, Alf Hendry says "The sale of these assets was strategic to the long term growth of our Company. Primecorp was able to present us with a proposal from Timbercreek Management that made sense for both parties and Primecorp's expertise played an integral role in our final decision to dispose of these assets".

  39. History has a habit of repeating itselfJune 24, 2011 at 5:18 AM

    Maybe this is the reason the tenants at 50 Rosehill ave Toronto had problems with their air conditioner last summer. They applied for a $5000 government grant to fight the landlord Homestead Land Holdings over loss of amenity space. That plus the low 0.7 rent increase allowed for 2011.
    It was time to do some Move Outs.
    And now Homestead is selling off some buildings, strange.
    I thought they only buy. Perhaps problems are brewing there, or they need the money to invest in more prime locations.
    Then I remembered about the great Toronto apartment flips back in 1982 when companies started flipping apartment buildings at inflated prices to increase rents 25%. They were charged with fraud.
    Here's an article about it in the Globe and Mail.

    1. Here is the story about the Great Toronto Apartment Flips from the Globe and Mail.

      LEONARD ROSENBERG It's been almost 25 years since the great Toronto apartment flips, a scandal that still ranks as one of the costliest in Canadian history. It all started with the sale of 10,931 apartment units in November, 1982. Leonard Rosenberg's company, Greymac Credit Corp., had bought the apartments from Cadillac Fairview Corp. Ltd. for $270 million. He and his partners immediately flipped them, twice, for roughly $500 million.

      The purchase was to be financed, in part, by loans from Crown Trust, Seaway Trust and Greymac Trust, which the partners also controlled. Regulators worried about the solvency of the trust companies and tenants were aghast at Rosenberg's plan to jack up rents by 25%. Two months after the sales, the Ontario government seized the trust companies, and police delved into allegations that the sale prices had been artificially boosted.

      After more than a decade of investigations, inquiries and preliminary hearings, Rosenberg pleaded guilty in April, 1993, to 13 counts of fraud. Crown prosecutors said the fraud cost investors more than $131 million.

      Rosenberg spent barely a year of his five-year sentence in jail. He was granted full parole on Oct. 31, 1994. Parole board records show he faced a contraband charge while inside that was later dismissed. Some prison officials opposed his parole, arguing in documents that they had seen an increase in fraudulent behaviour by Rosenberg and a lack of respect for rules "similar to that toward defrauded institutions." In fact, his case-management team "strongly opposed" his release on day parole. But the parole board decided that he showed remorse.

      After his release, Rosenberg returned to Miami, where he and his wife, Renée, had a mansion. He dabbled in a few businesses and became a consultant to a company run by his daughter Alison, Value Holdings Ltd. It held investments in a number of companies, including a few lumber businesses in Canada, but ran out of money in 2001. Not much has been heard from Rosenberg since. He popped up in 2002 with a column in the National Post that warned about the "condo bubble."

      "History has a habit of repeating itself," Rosenberg, now in his late 60s, wrote. "A word to the wise. Be careful where you invest your hard-earned money."

  40. Cool Hand Luke - the movieJuly 22, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    If your having problems with pit bulls or cockroaches in your building just sprinkle a little chilli pepper around

  41. Drug Dealer Shoots Landlord through Door during eviction with AK 47

  42. That explains why I can never get a hold of the area manager. He was the one that told me to deal directly with the contractors. That is a whole other can of worms. Now I can see why. It's a little difficult to be on top of your job when your on top of your secretary.

  43. We the tenants at 2301 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Toronto, are having problems with the lock on the side door of the building.
    It is very hard to turn the key. Most people give up after a few trys and use the front or back doors which work fine.
    It is a little more than inconvienent to say the least when carrying groceries or babies.
    None of the seniors can open the door.
    Maybe Homestead owner Britt Smith should come here and show us some of his tricks.
    Even the supers have trouble opening the door.
    This lock has been a problem for over a year with many contractors coming to play with it.
    2 weeks ago they installed a new door but we still have problems with the lock.
    Is Homestead incompetant or playing games?
    Maybe it's time for a new lock installed by a competent locksmith.
    My reason for posting this here instead of filling out a work order is because I'm guessing that other Homestead
    buildings are having the same problem.

  44. I live at 160 Erskine Ave. and I absolutely cannot stand the fact that the building charges for parking. A dollar for one hour or $5 for 12 hours! Are you kidding?

    Although my partner does not live with me, he likes to sleep over quite often. Since we like to enjoy the nightlife in the area, this means he'll be parked at my house for more than 12 hours in a day, thereby costing him $10 a day just to see me!

    It's also an inconvenience for friends who want to stop by for a visit. Unless they're taking the subway in, a lot of my friends don't even bother coming over to see me anymore. They already pay enough money for gas. Why do they have to pay for parking as well? It's ridiculous!

    (And no, I can't afford a parking spot for them either. The rent is expensive enough. Something needs to be done about this)!

    1. Seniors on fixed incomes are being squeezed by Homestead Land Holdings 2301 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Toronto, Ontario
      They are going to make visitors pay for parking $1 per hour, starting July 1.My nurse homemaker comes to help me 3 times a week and will have to pay which means I will have to pay for the parking out of my old age pension grocery money. My family and friends wont want to visit me anymore. It makes me sad and angry that a huge corporation like Homestead Land Holdings can't let our visitors park for free. Why do they hate seniors and tenants so much?
      What is the matter with these owners? How many millions do you need?

    2. The visitor parking lots at Homestead buildings 2301 & 2493 Lake Shore Blvd W is being monitored by
      Epic Parking Control Services Inc. 204, 2345 Stanfield Road. Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 3Y3, (905) 897-7275.
      Matt Clermont, President
      They have a black car with the name on it.
      According to their website they can issue parking tickets approved by the city.

      NOTICE TO ONTARIO MOTORISTS: Failure to pay the fine imposed upon conviction will result in your Ontario Vehicle Permit not being renewed and no new permit being issued to you until the fine and all court costs and fees have been paid.

      I did a little searching and found something interesting. I'm not sure where this is going cause I don't have time to investigate further right now. Not sure if there is a Homestead connection.
      CANADIAN Politics And Investing
      There is a story here
      about Matt Clermont, president of Epic Parking Control Services and his friend
      Derrick Snowdy private investigator owner of Epic Protection Group.
      Clermont said he would certify some of Snowdy's workers to write parking tickets. They would also share clients. It also talks about cocaine and politics.

  45. The side door lock at 2301 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Toronto. appears to finally be fixed.
    I'm hesitant to report this just in case it stops working tomorrow, or next week etc. But I will let you know.

  46. Re: charges for visitor parking at 160 Erskine Ave. Come on now, your friends can't expect to get into the Drive In movie for free

    1. If you read the paragraph on page 16 of this document ( of the Toronto zoning by laws, it states that the zoning laws place restrictions on the charge for visitor parking in all residential zones. On the 26th of August 2010, this zoning law was passed (

      The residential handbook that was just handed out a week ago in everyone's mailbox also reiterates that this is an illegal act.

      So, yes, they should definitely get into the drive in for free!

    2. From the Erskine website;
      "The immediate removal of these pay meters would be appreciated"

      In the movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman trashes the parking meters.

  47. 273 Pharmacy - the Hellhole!
    After living here for almost three years, I am done. I am contacting ACORN. I have tried everything from starting a tenants association -not enough people were interested and Hellstead would not allow ut to use the party room- to contacting my ineffectual city caoucillor, Michelle Berardinetti to contacting Toronto housing standards, which I did today to set up an appointment. Our elevators are in a state of disrepair, but the inspector for the city of TO signs off the compliance orders routinely. At night the "head office" turns off two of the elevators until 6:50 am. his sucks when you go to work at 5:30! I can't do a competant summation of all that is wrong with this place, it's management who seem totally unable to speak English, it's owner or team of corporate legal jerks in Kingston. Two weeks ago there was a stabbing in our lobby! Yet, despite this our unlicensed "security guard" maintains his room in the basement, getting high and ignoring all that occurs. My balcony door does not close completely and falls off of the tracks and no matter how much WD-40 they spray on it, it has not ever nor will it ever close because the frame is warped due to the rotted away concrete underneath it. I'd love for Old Britt come come and stay here, and have to walk up 15 floors. Hopefully he would be eaten by the bedbugs that infest many of the apartments. And when the ubiquitous "head office" decides that he is not cold, just old and the cockroaches crawl in bed with him to keep from freezing to death... well I hope he enjoys that too. I intend to thrash this shithole and it's owners in the media and with very loud and public protests. SHAME on Homestead! They truely represent the 1% that has inspired the protests around the world. Greedy, heartless corporate bloodsuckers!
    Sorry for the rant, but humans, nor even animals for that matter should have to live in the conditions that many of us endure at the hands of Homestead Land Holdings.

    1. Can you pls email me the particulars of this stabbing you wrote about in your submission to ? (I am just finishing the application against them and taking them to L&TB.

    2. I travel around alot, Brantford, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, Oakville, Ottawa, Sarnia, Toronto and Florida etc.
      and don't have time to monitor everything on this site 24/7
      That being said, I don't personally know
      or most of the other peeps making comments.
      So you should always be careful sending anyone an email.
      Just post the details here for everyone.

    3. Quote "SHAME on Homestead! They truely represent the 1% that has inspired the protests around the world. Greedy, heartless corporate bloodsuckers!"

      Check the intercom on your building. If it says Occupied, it just might be a Homestead employee.

      Now lets all sing ♫ Occupy ♫ Occupy ♫ Occupy ♫

  48. Good Customer Service or Go Out Of BusinessOctober 20, 2011 at 12:24 AM

    I think it is a waste of time trying to organize tenants to make complaints to government agencies.
    Homestead Land Holdings has been a landlord since 1954, has lots of connections and friends in low places.
    It also seems to be a waste of time fighting this landlord in court.
    They are lawyers, they like being in court.
    You will be seen as a trouble maker and put on their hit list.
    I think the best way to deal with these people is to Publicize Their Behaviour and warn future tenants.
    Posting and blogging on the internet is free.
    You could also print some flyers and place them in or on those free rental magazine boxes on every street corner in the city.
    Eventually it will hurt them in the pocket book, wallet or purse.

    They will have to offer
    Good Customer Service or Go Out Of Business.

    Most landlords would prefer tenants that stay a long time cause it just makes good economical sense.
    Tenants feel that it is their Home and want to keep it clean and tidy and in good repair, they are not going to damage the building etc.
    Every time a tenant moves out the landlord usually has to clean, paint and make repairs to the unit.
    That costs time and money.
    Then they have to advertise it for rent, those full page ads in the rental magazines or online cost money.

    As the London Property Management Association said in their newsletter,
    Amos said:
    "Many units are rented through referrals from existing tenants who are happy with their accommodations.
    That can go a long way in the marketing,”

  49. Re: 273 Pharmacy - the Hellhole! rant

    Too fucking funny, but I feel sorry for all of you residents.

  50. 1257 Lakeshore Rd E MississaugaOctober 21, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    This email was edited to protect the senders idenity.

    Hello there! Love your site!
    ............ blah blah blah ......................... .....................................................
    AGI hearing ........... blah blah ................ Gary Ikemoto (Homestead legal rep) .............. blah blah ..... tenants vote in favour of 8% rent hike over 3 yrs........ blah blah .............

    Our TA (tenant association) has for most part dissolved due to a breakdown in our system, lack of interest from tenants as well as a huge influx of move-outs ...........
    blah blah ................

    Are you aware of anybody who has filed a rent abatement against and won?
    Please advise if you can.

  51. Re: 273 Pharmacy - the Hellhole!

    I feel very sad that residents of Pharmacy Place are suffering sub-standard living conditions at this Homestead Holdings complex. But I have a hunch that things will be improving very soon. Homestead Land Holdings reads this blog. Things will change very soon. Let us know what happens. Cheers

  52. Maybe, just maybe if Homestead supers and cleaning staff would wash the hallways and stairways more often. they might not have a cockroach and bedbug problem. It's just a hunch, but what the hell, it's worth a try.

  53. I deliver pizza in some Homestead buildings. I not surprized about bug complaint. Floors carpets very dirty dog shit some places. I spray my shoes with disenfectantant after

  54. The first thing Homestead does when they buy a building is get rid of the superintendents.
    There's a very good reason for this.
    They need to place there own "Professionally In House Trained Managers" in the building in order for there scams to work.
    Anybody with previous experience from another company would notice that things are "not normal".
    These scams only work with Newbies that don't know any better.
    You have to keep in mind that these employees are new immigrants, need a place to live and a job,
    and will do as they are told. They come from countries that are totally corrupt shit holes where you have to wait for someone to fart to get a hot meal.
    Getting a job with Homestead Land Holdings feels like they won the lottery.
    Do as little as possible and when the customer complains, tell them "if you don't like it, move out"
    Then charge them outrageous cleaning fees.
    I wouldn't wish this job on anyone. But there are always some unscrupulous weasels looking to bend the rules in order to make a quick buck.

  55. I've been looking around on other landlords websites, maybe Don & Sheila Bayne should too.
    Some offer tenants a choice to book work orders (repairs) to their apt online and even schedule a time.
    Now thats what I call good customer service.
    Homestead owners need to put themselves in their tenants shoes sometimes and ask themselves,
    "How would I like to be treated if I was a tenant"

  56. Some tenants at Riviera Gates in Ottawa are trashing their apartments so bad before moving out that supers won't show it to newbies.
    Showing other peoples suites instead ha ha.
    That's some really fucked up shit going on there.

  57. Homestead Land Holdings plans to build apartments, houses and a shopping mall on this site.
    I don't live on Barrett Court or in the cemetery for that matter so I don't really care.
    But I found these comments worth mentioning.

    Craig Boals, director of operations for Cataraqui Cemetery, hopes that Homestead will be clear on its plan for future development on the site.

    "We want to make sure that the developer lays all their cards out on the table to begin with,
    instead of doing it piecemeal," he said.

    Post #5 By duckman398
    Why doesn't Mr. Brit Smith use some of his money and clean up some of his current holdings?
    Surely some of his tenants would appreciate that.

    Also, you could bank on some of the more reputable ones wouldn't dare think of defacing/vandalizing the headstones or trashing the grounds.....

  58. Re: Highland Motel KingstonDecember 1, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    I live on Barrett Court and I don't have a problem with more development in the area because it will create jobs, but that dosen't mean give them carte blanche to do whatever they want.
    Here are some links about the development proposed by Homestead Holdings.

    PITTSBURGH BOOM: Kingston's east end is in the midst of a building boom. (TV news with Alf Hendry talking about it)

    Ontario Abandoned Places - HWY 15 HIGHLAND MOTEL (pictures)

    Kingston East Grows Again

    Pittsburgh's building boom: More high-rise apartments sprout up's+building+boom%3A+More+high-rise+apartments+sprout+up

    And here are the links for the development site beside Cataraqui Cemetery.
    At least there won't be any complaints about late night construction noise from these residents. LOL
    Maybe they could plant some big pine trees along the border (they don't lose their foilage in the winter) and would act as a green space.

    Development a grave concern

    Historic Cataraqui Cemetery opposes high-rise apartments on its fringe

  59. Founded in Kingston in 1954, Homestead Land Holdings Limited has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most respected landlords. The founding principles of providing residents with affordable, secure housing and a standard of care we would provide our own family members are still in place today.

    With twenty-nine buildings through-out London you are certain to find your next apartment. The right location and a price that fits your budget are just the beginning of your Homestead Land Holdings experience!

    For a complete listing of locations and Rental Office telephone numbers, please visit our website.

    1. You have to be a dumb dork who works for Bumstead to post this piece of fertilizer on this site. I would like to push everyone who works for this company into a crappy 700 sq ft apt that looks like mine for a day and watch while they kill each other, maybe some will know how to fix a screen, change a tap, refinish a floor, stop the balcony door from warping, cover my kitchen exhaust and take the jet engine out of the bathroom, and they can split the over 1080 dollar rent. Screw you!!!

    2. 2301 Lakeshore Blvd W TorontoJune 7, 2012 at 2:42 PM

      I found this website while searching Homestead Land Holdings complaints
      Will wonders never cease?
      In less than 1 year Homestead Land Holdings has managed to screw the handrail back into the wall in the stairway.
      No less than amazing from a company that earns millions in profits from their slum holdings.
      I can only guess that Homestead family members are about to move in and they don't want Smith to fall down the stairs. A normal landlord would have fixed it in 1 day. Do you speak English Mr. Bayne?
      Or are you so fucking whacked out on ritalin that you think it's funny. Eat Shit you fucking shyster.
      By the way, website isn't working, probably some threatening letters from these low life weasels.

    3. To Donald Bayne - Homestead Land Holdings Board of Directors
      Seeing how your ad says "Homestead Land Holdings Limited has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most respected landlords"
      could you please come down here and wash the hallways.
      A notice on the wall says your floor washing machine is broken, sorry for the dirty floors.
      Could you not buy a mop at the dollar store?
      I'm sure you don't want this building to turn into a slum like your other holdings.
      If you were a respectable landlord you would even come down here and lick the floors clean.
      We would appreciate it and even cook you up a nice juicy hot dog on the new BBQ's.
      You and your family members could sit at the broken picnic table, we've reserved it especially for you.
      It would be just the beginning of your Homestead Land Holdings experience!
      Hope to see you soon.
      Promenade Apartments 2301 Lake Shore Blvd W. Toronto

    4. So what happened, did they clean the floors?
      The suspense is killing me.

  60. The Super (1991) movie starring Joe PesciDecember 5, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    Karma comes into play when a wealthy wisecracking landlord is ordered by a court to live in the filthy building that he runs

  61. Funny movie. If you can't find the dvd at rogers or blockbuster you can watch it on youtube

  62. On the first day of hell my landlord gave to me, a view of a new apartment in another building or was that the 12th day, not sure. We had to wait till the middle of the month to move because it had BEDBUGS, they all have BEDBUGS, I called and asked. I was assured it would be cleaned up, so I foolishly believed this company would be better at the new address considering it is the signature building for my city...WRONG!!!
    Now all went well according to us and we had our application approved so I set moving in motion, change of address, ordering of movers, packing, ridding myself of excess collected and not useful once the move took place. Now bear with me, I said we were approved, then came the call, we were refused the BEDBUG apartment because I had previously had a verbal confrontation in this building with an inferior assistant superintendent who continuously harassed me in an elevator right to my floor until I turned and stated at my age I was not afraid of going to jail. My husband and I being intelligent people realized this was not my usual kind of response so I returned to the office to apologize at which time this asst supers bedmate slammed the door breaking two of my toes and shocking everyone in the lobby. This happened over 4 years ago and all had been forgotten so we thought. To top this cake, our move was cancelled less than one week, leaving me to apologize to the movers, cry, apologize to all amenities, doctors etc, cry, wonder what I was going to do amidst packed up stuff, cry, and generally tell myself it is going to get better as long as I never ever ever rent from Homestead/Bumstead again. Our supers have lied since first moving into this building, screwed up repairs or ignored them and we have had over 20 sets of supers here. Talking to Wookie as I now refer to the Manager over the managers was like talking to my microwave. I can only pray that someone bigger than him takes a large dump on his head or that he simply gets what he deserves and as for the lying and abusive staff that work for this company I can only repeat what I was taunted with "Have a Nice Day" and may bankruptcy find each and every one of you. Renters beware this company only wants younger tenants who are stupid and as much money as they can screw you out of for no or little reason...if you know someone moving into one of these buildings beware because though the new electric signs look pretty and the lobby's look clean and nice it all ends right there and if the super doesn't like you..good luck.

  63. Just watched CBC Marketplace "Trouble For Rent"
    Story about one of Canada's worst landlords TransGlobe Property Management.

    1. I thank Marketplace for opening the public's eyes to the trouble and crap that TransGlobe tenants are going through but after reading this poor woman's comments on the inconsistency of her building I can say I believe she should be advised to seek legal council and sue the money grubbers at Homestead for stress and of course also discrimination. This is notable due to the fact this tenant has already been approved and is currently paying rental that is being accepted. I am with legal council in Hamilton Ontario and have had numerous calls with regards to this company and it's unprofessional dealings with tenants, only recently when inquiring at Hamilton Rent Review I was informed that what took another large building property poor management years to gains such a horrible reputation that Homestead had surpassed this reputation almost overnight. If this person above wishes council I as well as many others would accept the challenge. My best advice would also be that if you can move, do so, as soon as financially possible and then avoid this as well as some others (check Hamilton Rent Review) before renting another, and if they are seniors, shame Homestead, this is called Senior abuse. ESWS

    2. TransGlobe's founder, Daniel Drimmer, started a separate rental agency in September called Starlight Investment Ltd.
      When CBC Marketplace visited him at his luxurious home, the fucking cockroach runs and hides. Something needs to be done about these subhumans.

  64. My husband and I have put in our notice, as we are sick of living with their crap. We applied for a new rental and had to give Homestead as a reference. After trying for 3 days to get them to talk to our potential new landlords, they finally did, and gave a bad reference. We have always paid our rent and have no complaints against us, so why the bad reference? They screw you when you live here... and try to screw you on the way out... Oh and good luck at getting them to contact you... the only way we had luck with that was threatening to withhold our rent.... the only thing that speaks to them... MONEY! William Mosgrove Towers/Ottawa

    1. Just give your new landlord this website as reference, if they are a decent landlord they will understand

  65. I am a past employee of Homestead Land Holdings. Trust me, they treat their staff worse than their tenants. Never mind the Area Manager in Ottawa and his secretary, look at the loser running Hamilton. He has three or four little ladies on the go plus a very lucrative sideline business of ripping Homestead off. Sure glad I never lived in one of their dumps. If you live in one of their buildings in Hamilton, don't bother doing a work order or putting in a complaint, the Area Manager can barely read. Maybe his assistant should step up and help this idiot. Oh, I forgot, she's too busy butting into everyone business, not a shock that nothing gets done.

    1. let me guess it was Simone Grant...

    2. hahahahahaha simone is horrible..

  66. The longer you live in a building owned by Homestead Land Holdings, the more you learn about their Modus operandi.
    Which is why they don't want you staying too long.
    If your suite is in good condition and doesn't need any repairs,
    you work a regular 9 to 5 job, and go out a lot, everything might seem OK.
    But if you work other shifts, or work from home, retired, stay at home mom etc. is when you notice things.
    In the winter they turn the heat down during the day.
    Many contractors coming and going and doing stuff.
    Cutting the grass, plumbing, pest control, painting, plastering etc.
    Not sure what some of them are doing, cause the building still looks the same,
    and minor repair jobs take months or years to fix.
    I suspect Homestead leaves things broken in the common areas for 2 reasons.
    So tenants won't ask for repairs to their unit and to see who complains, then plan a move out.

    Some movies that make me think of Homestead.
    Westworld, Futureworld, - A robot malfunction creates havoc and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a futuristic, adult-themed amusement park.

    The Stepford Wives - robots created by their husbands. (This would be the supers, building managers)

    The Truman Show - In this movie, Truman is a man whose life is a fake one... The place he lives is in fact a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show. Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and has no idea about how he is exploited. Until one day... he finds out everything. Will he react?

    1. Another thing I've noticed is that Homestead Land Holdings likes to create a problem then fix it.
      Whether it is fiddling with the heating and air conditioning, elevators etc.
      It is like a hyperactive kid off their meds. They want attention. Good or bad.

  67. Property Manager Trainee,
    Hamilton, ON, CANADA; Kingston, ON, CANADA; Ottawa, ON, CANADA; Toronto, ON, CANADA
    Posted Jul 12, 2012 Workopolis

    Founded in Kingston, Ontario in 1954, we are a people-oriented, private real estate company engaged in the construction, acquisition, and management of multi-family residential projects in Ontario and Naples, Florida. We have branch offices in London, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Naples, with the head office in Kingston.


    The Property Manager Trainee will be training for the residential operation of a number of buildings in multiple cities (London, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston & Ottawa). You will have a significant amount of travel for up to a year before settling in one of the five cities, yet to be determined.

    You will supervise staff; ensuring day-to-day operations are on schedule and within prescribed budgets. An essential requirement is to be proficient in cost management while maintaining a high level of tenant satisfaction.

    Key Duties/Tasks:

    · Be available M-F days as well as on call for emergency situations

    · Responsible for maximizing the profits by managing NOI and CAPEX budget in their portfolio

    · Manage staff in the performance of their day-to-day responsibilities

    · Ensure that your portfolio is operating safely and efficiently

    · Ensure proper legal action is taken against any difficult tenants

    · Ensure that accurate, timely, and complete documentation is maintained for all matters posing a risk, liability, lawsuit, potential lawsuit, and/or benefit to the company

    · Analyze monthly financial statements

    · Other responsibilities as required


    · Preferred Bachelor degree/diploma or equivalent combination of education and experience

    · Should have knowledge of building construction, HVAC, fire, safety, and mechanical systems

    · Be able to work effectively in high stress situations

    · Adapt and manage multiple tasks with conflicting priorities

    · Must be driven to meet predetermined targets by prescribed deadlines

    We offer an excellent salary and benefits package and opportunity for advancement.

    Homestead Land Holdings Limited is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We appreciate all responses; however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

    1. Dear Homestead Land Holdings.... kill yourselves. Thanks

    2. I used to be a Property Manager for Homestead Land Holdings and they made me do illeagle things to their tenants.
      I know it was wrong but I needed the job and they told me I was learning how to invest in real estate.
      I was told to knock on their doors, tell them water was leaking and I need to come in and check it out. It was just a story so we didn't need to give 24 hours notice.
      I would even bring the super with a mop and pail to make it believable.
      It worked like a charm.
      Until one day a tenant said he was going to shove the mop handle up my ass and make my head leak. I bounced out of there.
      Sorry people, sometimes we make wrong decisions when we need money.
      Tony Prochilo

  68. How about moving out of your apartment, with a CLEARED inspection reported...only to be dinged with a $1300 "cleaning" fee 2 months later. Did I mention that I didn't know about it until one week before the due date, that they set, before sending it to the collection agency? WTF?! How about trying to CALL me? You have my number! It hasn't changed!
    (P.S: Just found this website, wish I had learned more about them when I started renting their sorry excuse for a "home". They should change their company to "Crapstead". If we can inform more people about them, that's the way to hurt them financially. You have my support!)

  69. Homestead tenant 1 of 23,000July 17, 2012 at 4:46 AM

    OK so I'm sitting here at Tim Hortons having a coffee and a thought came to mind.
    Whenever tenants take Homestead Land Holdings to court, whether it's for AGI hearings, rent abatement, loss of amenities etc.
    These lawyer owners can rack up big legal fees for their time and then claim that they spent all this money on their buildings.
    But then they think they are all powerful, unstoppable, invincible and try to evict Sarah Dawe for her blog, she challenges them with a very talented lawyer John Done. The Homestead owners turn into chicken shit and don't show up in court.
    Bargain Basement Libel Action - excellent, I love it. My hat's off to you Mr.Done
    And it looks like Google Blogs aren't to worried about Homestead's legal abilities either.
    My advice to Homestead Land Holdings owners,
    become a decent, respectable landlord or eat poo.

  70. To Veejay former Building Manager for Homestead Land Holdings.
    It is now almost 2 years since you left us here at 2301 Lake Shore Blvd W Toronto.
    I hope all is well with you in Australia or the Fiji Islands or wherever you have the loot stashed.
    Your mail is still coming here from bill collectors. I told everyone you went back to Pakistan or India, working in a parking lot or something.
    How's your solar powered A/C business coming along? Are you selling solar powered Ebikes too? Some people will buy anything.
    As much as you irritated me when you lived here, because you were so lazy and useless.
    I have to admit that I do miss you. I was very impressed when you started to do some superintendent duties in your last year.
    I have a picture of you shoveling garbage outside in your Hawaii shirt. I know you thought you were on vacation here, and I can understand why. This building location does feel like a resort in the summer with all the boats sailing around.
    As much as you were a con job, with your move out cleaning fees, cash parking, getting tenants to do your chores etc.
    I realized near the end that the owners of Homestead Land Holdings were the real shysters.
    You were just a dupe, doing what they told you to do.
    Anna played you like a fiddle. but you played her too. 2 cons made for each other, like Bonnie & Clyde.
    So Veejay, even though most of tenants hated you (except the ones getting freebies) we do miss you.
    You truly were a unique character. We talk about you often.
    We miss your annual Homestead BBQ with the free hot dogs and hamburgers, paid for with our rent money, instead of doing repairs or cleaning the floors.
    Now we have to buy our own hotdogs.
    Maybe someday when I'm sailing down your way we'll get together and have a beer.
    Bye Veejay take care, all the best.

    Captain Kangaroo

    Here's a little tune I was playing when You moved out called Pancho and Lefty by Willie Nelson

    All the Federales say,
    They could have had him any day.
    They only let him slip away,
    Out of kindness, I suppose.

  71. Well from all the posts that I have read here I see that there are some pretty upset and ticked off people that are doing nothing about there problems.
    You have to choices - move out or unite!
    There is strength in numbers! Form a Tenants association! Chip in $20 each and hire a good lawyer, or go online and download the tribunal forms and all of you hit Homestead with the forms at once!
    Cause organized chaos to the superintendents! Move the building furniture around, tape over the security cameras, take pictures and submit them online to the MOL, MNR, MOE, or the tribunal or police. Watchdog your superintendents and the Homestead staff and record all conversations with them on a digital recorder.
    Organize and use there tactics against them. If your super has a contractor illegally parked call bylaw and have the vehicle towed away or fined. Cost the building managers money, have their cars fined hen they show up on the property. Picture document all building deficiencies and send them to the city building inspector and city or provincial health agencies.






    Sincerely without malice,
    "long live the free"

  72. Promenade Apartments 2301 Lake Shore Blvd W. TorontoSeptember 7, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    Don't underestimate the POWER of these blogs and websites. The floors got cleaned right away.
    The broken picnic tables were removed, put beside the garbage bins and the next door neighbours at 2303 Lakeshore took them, fixed them with a couple of screwnails, and now have a picnic area too.
    They even have big tents for camping.
    Homestead brought us some new picnic tables and BBQ's which we love, thankyou.
    Our Building Manager Lannie resigned, found a better job. I guess Homestead owner Brit Smith is our new manager.
    The Waterfront Park should be completed by the end of Sept. 2012. It's looking really good.
    They took half of our backyard because this building was originally 2 seperate properties, one side had waterfront the other didn't.
    The east side of the building was built first, then the west side later.
    Now Homestead Land Holdings is fixing up the building. Painting, plumbing and stuff.
    This is a small 4 storey building with 85 apartments, built in the 1950's
    First we get 2 days Notice Of Entry to paint the door in the hallway.
    First Picasso comes in to paint the exterior of the door, next day Rembrandt has to come in to touch it up.
    When all's done it is a Homestead Masterpiece, probably worth millions because of the location.
    Next they will start replacing the fire alarms / smoke detectors.
    Then they will begin playing with the plumbing. Actually they have already started to play with the plumbing.
    Air bubbles in the pipes, makes lots of noise. No problem for many years until after they put the notice up that they would fix it. LOL

  73. Homestead Holdings has some more difficult tenants at 890 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto, making complaints to Toronto City Councillor Josh Matlow about junk on the front lawn and swimming pool problems.

    1. Driving taxi the other day took a look-see at 890 Mt. Pleasant. No more junk on the lawn but the building looks like a construction site. Major work going on there. Underground parking garage being worked on, maybe other things too.
      Googled Josh Matlow Toronto City Councillor and it says his father is Superior Court Justice Ted Matlow.
      Things might get interesting here.

  74. go to you tube,look up 165 queen street the worst homestead building ever!there are videos on there of recent arson,beatings,overdoses......check it out...

  75. oh yeah thats 165 queen street south in hamilton ontario...havent got the bedbug and cockroach vids up yet but you tube is the place to see the hidden cams at this homestead disaster...they still even after an arson that almost killed 140 people to put working video cameras and dvr systems in and the junkies and crack dealers run the show there and yet they have a lovely video motage at the top of the screen telling you how nice and quite the the place is....what a joke these peiople are...

  76. 1485 williamsport drive, mississauga.they are worse place to rent. those management would never pick up my calles when i needed something. moulding and crack in the bathroom ceiling, and water is leaking. crockroach, mouse leaving their crap everywhere. there is a guy pee on elevator daily. they always have something to fix... with dust smell and noise but nothing seem to be truck come once a month as well as the not rent this place unless you have nowhere else to go...

  77. the arson as it was witnessed at 3:29a.m. again nobody caught,no cameras,leads and the only witnesses are crack dealers and junkies...nice warzone...check out the other vids on you tube.

  78. you want to see the reality of homestead,today I posted the body removal video of my building.4 weeks and nobody cared,I complained about the smell and was informed it was the garbage disposal...see for yourself what it was.. you can't find it just search 165 queen st,hamilton,ontario,

  79. The heating issue.
    Since this is very old building, tenants can't control the heating in their units. It is up to management to control the heat. Since last year, 2011, management of the building is trying to freeze us out. They hardly turn the heating on. The outside temperature could be below 0 C, and if Homestead Land Holdings doesn't feel like turning the heat on, they won't.
    Since the beginning of the cool season,we rarely get heat in our units. There is entire procedure in order to have the heating working in the units:
    - Call the superintendent and ask to have the temperature in the unit measured.
    - they come into your unit, measure the temperature, tell you that in their unit is 25 C.
    -They seem surprise that we don't have heat, and/or tell you that on the other side of the building is very warm and tenants are complaining that is too hot, (that is not true, since I spoke with tenants on the other side of the building).
    - they promise to call engineer to turn on the heat, and if we are lucky, we'll get some heat 2 hours later.
    The heat will eventually will get turn on for about 8-12 minutes and then it will get shut off again for about 1.5hr.
    Now, this is really funny, last Thursday when the temperature outside was 20 C, the radiators were blasting with heat all day and all night! Try to figure this one out.
    All last year we have been calling City of Toronto with complains, every time we called they came and order the management to turn on the heat. The minute they left, heating was off .
    From October 1-7 we had no heat at all, regardless that outside temperature was average 16 C.
    On October 8, Thanksgiving day, we got heat once for about 8 minutes. Inside the unit was 16 C.
    Again on October 9 there was no heat. Outside temp. 11 C, inside 16 C.
    October 16 and 17 no heat. Inside the unit temp. 18 C, outside temp. also 18C.
    For past 2 days we have no heat again. Outside temp. 5 C, inside the unit 17C, only because I was cooking.
    I follow up the procedure, heating came on for 8 minutes. Superintendent gave me a tiny little heater and told me to plug it in the hallway. The hallway electrical outlets don't work. I think he is a joker.

    1. Princess,both 165 and 145 queen are controlled by a wireless modem located in the back of the building in the supply storage area,homestead controls both buildings by wireless using the modems to control temperature without actually having to go there.There is no "heating engineer"what homestead doesn't know is that anybody with a bit of knowledge and a laptop or i-phone can walk to the back of the building and link to the wireless routers and set temp as they feel,this is of course hacking but I'll leave it at that.I personally replaced my balcony door sweep,insulated all around my doors because when they installed the doors and windows they never made them fit properly and instead of filling the gaps with insulation,they just put aluminum caps over them.I replaced all of my weather stripping and re-caulked all my outer flashings.I also removed all my radiator covers and gave them a good cleaning,they were full of hair and dust and work much better now.I spent about 40.00 of my own money because I give up on homestead.The true test of how well your unit is sealed is simple,light a candle while your door and windows are closed,take it all around the edges of your door and windows,if it flickers and moves,or goes out,you know where the problems are...If that fails,send me an e-mail at and I will try to help you as best I can.

    2. Riviera Gate Apartments 1300 - 1310 Pinecrest Rd OttawaNovember 20, 2012 at 4:46 PM

      Hi westendhamboy I like your videos. How about making some videos that shows us how to fix up our apartments, like Mike Holmes on Homes, This Old House etc. or some other TV shows. Show us how to install an 18 inch air conditioner in a window that only opens 3.5 inches using plexiglass. This I gotta see. LOL

    3. Dan Myles westendhamboyNovember 30, 2012 at 3:34 AM

      that's an easy one,if you oprn thr other side of the sliding glass and reach up to the top of the left hand glass,you will find a saftey catch,it prevents your window from opening more than 3 inches.Trip the catch by pushing it in and it will click,then slide window all the way open.remove screnn carefully as it probably doesn't fit right anyway and then install the a/c,I do it all the time.

    4. I guess Homestead is reading these blogs. A few weeks ago they came in removed all my radiator covers and gave them a good cleaning, yes much better heat this winter, thanks westendhamboy. Sanjay Varma 2301 Lakeshore Toronto

  80. Check this out ...bedbug and cockroach city!

  81. Worst apartment management. I live in this apartment over 10 years, and Homestead took over last year. Tonight, outside is 8 degrees at this moment and no heat is on. Unbeleivable. I lived different apaprtments with other monagements, and never experienced this cheap treatment. Totally not happy with all things including the super. She is useless.

    1. Which apt building do you live in?165 queen or 145 queen?If you live in either of those I can help you out,I have the pull to make things happen it kinda comes with knowing the city codes and inspectors e-mail is above...

  82. Some people are afraid of Homestead,I am not,I even show my face and where I live in my newest video of the crackpie in the garbage and how I take the garbage out for sake of the fact I'm embarrassed by the way my building looks,please go to you tube and look at my vids,the more views and likes I get the better the chances of getting enough pressure on Homestead to put in real working security cameras...They have never felt the pressure of social media exposure before and they have actually threatened one of my friends who works for them telling him he cannot come to my home and play ps3 or have a beer as I am a "disruptive individual to the company"....well...they want a social media war,I'm in...let's go me out people,watch the vids...and comment.and like or dislike...thanks...westendhamboy

    1. Pannonia Towers. Apartments for rent at 165 Queen Street S. HamiltonNovember 20, 2012 at 1:07 PM

      I like video of garbage can overflowing. Good advertising for Homestead plus you show the superintendent how to change the bag.

    2. Dan Myles westendhamboyNovember 29, 2012 at 4:28 AM

      Oh but they don't like it,see how I brought them out?They are now posting on here as Anonymous but they are Homestead employees and they know a media war can't be won but they did throw in a bit of advertising down below I they don't know is when you post you leave an i.p. addy trace,you can then find the internet provider they posted from,then you can track their exact location just from that info...these people are not real clever....

  83. check this one out from this morning...
    I have never seen anything like this before,,,,GROSS!!!

  84. If You Don't Like it LEAVENovember 19, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    The best thing about living in a building owned and managed by Homestead Land Holdings Limited is the Entertainment. Their acting is hilarious and will keep you on the edge of your (toilet) seat laughing for hours.
    Squires Landscaping takes care of our property cutting the grass, planting flowers, and raking the leafs etc.
    They have been doing a good job up until now.
    Their new way of taking care of the leaves is to blow them into big piles all around the property including behind residents cars, there is also some bits of garbage mixed in with the leaves, and then just leave them there for the wind to blow them all over the place again, then come back in a few weeks and do the same routine over again.
    My question to Property Manager Owner Arthur Britton Smith.
    Would it not make more sense to bag the leaves and then dump them on your lawn at 80 Johnson St. Kingston
    Where you and your family members could squirt ketchup on your head and play in the leafs
    A Tree
    2301 Lakeshore Boulevard
    Etobicoke On.

  85. I've lived in a homestead building for 5 years now and I've never had any problems. my supers have been great - in both buildings I've lived in - and any time I've needed something fixed its been handled within a couple days. I've lived with other large companies too and they aren't even close to the quality I have now.
    I looked at the videos of this guy in Hamilton and he sure seems to be at home a lot - can you say nothing else to do?

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyNovember 29, 2012 at 4:22 AM

      Maybe you would like to come to my school?Maybe you are smart enough to guess what degree I am getting my masters in...and you can kiss all the Homestead ass you want,but the videos don't lie...and stop hiding and reveal who you are guts...I'm Dan Myles...your turn...

  86. Don't bother westendhamboy. He has lots of things to do, like drink beer, play PS3, video emergency vehicles lights flashing, roaches in the broken mailboxes, change garbage bags with crackpipes etc.
    It's obvious that living in that enviroment can affect you.
    And now he will be busy making Homestead DIY apartment repair videos.
    But I have to admit Homesteads video on youtube is much better, more professional makes the building look elegant. And right now they are offering a $250 move in bonus

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyNovember 29, 2012 at 2:47 AM

      Nice way to get that whole 250.00$ advertisement in there you scumbag,you have to admit the you tube videoes are better? you know over the past 48 hours I have had more views of how you make people live in 165 queen and 145 queen then your slimy corperation ever will?And anybody who would sell friendship for 250.00${because after they moved in they would hate you}so go ahead,get people to sell their frienship...pretty slimy.....

  87. I would want at least $600 move in bonus before signing the lease, that way I could pay them back the move out cleaning fees. And you always have to wonder why do some buildings offer move in bonuses cash or big screen TVs. Is there too many vacant apartments? If so why are they vacant? Stand outside the building and ask residents if they like it there.

    1. Timbercreek is much worseNovember 22, 2012 at 2:22 PM

      I live at 175 Hunter (right beside 165 Queen St in Hamilton). Timbercreek bought it from homestead, and it has gone completely downhill since then. The place is full of bugs and crackheads and management doesn't do a thing. I know hamilton is pretty much completely infested with bedbugs, which sucks. I wish Homestead still owned the building because they at least try and remedy the bug problems. If people aren't prepared (stuff moved and apartment clean), then the exterminator can't treat the place.

  88. Yes the gutless annonymous Nov 22,2012,1:21 are a homestead employee,your information is exact.I do play ps3,I do drink beer,I do have D.I.Y videos,and by the way if you feel the need to call please do it's 289-396-2985 and it's Daniel Thomas Myles....get it let's see what you got mr or ms homstead emplyee...roflam...oh...and you left out the cooking class....lmao

    1. Britt to Don intercepted communication:
      Time to bring in the Special OPS, difficult disruptive tenant at 165 Queen St S Hamilton making videos.
      Code word: Ham and Eggs with Toast

    2. Dan myles westendhamboyNovember 29, 2012 at 2:40 AM

      Atchtung!communication recieved,go ahead with operation moveout....lmao...but wrong addy,I'm, at 145 Queen and it was prime rib last night,not ham and eggs with a side of fried mushrooms and served with a cheesecake for dessert.....ROFLMAO...can't wait to show the tribunal this lovely collection of vids if they try to evict me and the vids posted are nothing compared to the ones I haven't posted,I'm saving those ones because those cameras they haven't even seen yet and they are right in front of them....lmao...

    3. Watch out hamboy, Homestead Special OPS are family members trained in terrorize the tenant moveouts. Sleep with one eye open and keep a piece handy. If your in a restaurant and someone orders hamandeggsontoast, duck. This is no video game. Homestead Land Holdings have millions $$$

    4. First of all it's Dan,Dan myles,and special ops consists of thr rental doesn't matter,evidence does,and I got's a lose for thanks for the warning homestead employee in the video...but you lose...roflama

  89. Oh heres the latest homestead employee threat...

  90. Check it out here is a direct link,this trap worked well,by posting a link to this blogspot on my you tube video page,you Homestead fools clicked on it....apparently you don't know much about hacking....roflmao....heres another link please click on it as soon as you can...

  91. Charlie's AngelsDecember 1, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    Actually westendhamboy has nothing to worry about now.
    If anything was to happen to him, even an accident,
    Homestead Special OPS would be suspects on prime time TV

    1. DanMyles westendhamboyDecember 2, 2012 at 5:40 AM

      Being attacked by immigrants wearing red shirts and hockey helemets after they get off the special bus would amuse me greatly,if a company hires people who can't read or write in English just because they can uderpay them,and make them do unlicenced contracting and illegal acts because they don't know any better,do you really think they could even find a "Special Ops"...ROFLMAO...

    2. Canada's border agency has lost track of 41,000 illegal immigrantsDecember 2, 2012 at 4:34 PM

      It seems you have already met Homestead's Special OPS cockroaches.
      Tell them you want to speak to their leader Britt Smith or Don Bayne about some move in bonus money

  92. DanMyles westendhamboyDecember 2, 2012 at 2:56 AM

    Lmao...Homestead special ops....ROFLMAO....oh they are special....I am going to introduce one to you tube today,it was dumb enough to call and beg for me to remove videos,so I recorded it ,now I have to turn it into a mp4 and set it to video,this will be a good one....

  93. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 3, 2012 at 3:12 AM

    No thanks,I don't want dirty money,so far we have a building manager for 145/165 Queen from some shithole in Europe who knows nothing about her own building,A live in couple at 165 from Nigeria and Czech republic who can't do any simple repairs or anything requiring thought and actually a nice couple in 145 Queen who are honest and hardworking and actually have good work ethics and abilities.So I guess you take the good with the bad 2/5 are the odds here....I have already spoen with the younger of the 2 Britt's as the older one doesn't do much anymore and he actually finds the whole video collection funny and claims it is giving some encouragement in some am I helping them?Uh-oh....better think about that

    1. Hey westendhamboy
      Since you are helping them with your videos and old Britt finds it funny (not surprising when your loaded on ritalin)
      How about making a video interviewing owners Britt Smith, Don & Sheila Bayne in your cockroach infested lobby and crackpipes. They could explain the Homestead Land Holdings EXPERIENCE with the move in bonus and move out fees

    2. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 5, 2012 at 6:25 PM

      All right ,your on,but it's young Britt that finds it amusing apparently,I have a better idea,lets get sat pics of their home addy's and post them and compare how they live to how their tenants live...hmmmm...might be interesting...lmao...good idea though.

    3. If you want to send Christmas greetings to
      Homestead Land Holdings Board of Directors, here it is.

      Donald & Sheila Bayne
      187 CLEMOW AVE
      K1S RB3

      or in the winter

      Donald & Sheila Bayne
      3443 GULF SHORE BLVD N, #103
      NAPLES, FLORIDA 34103-3690

    4. DanMyles WESTENDHAMBOYDecember 6, 2012 at 6:37 AM

      I'm giving them a very special gift this year,all these live in supers get a "free" apt.What they arenot told is that if they do not declare the amount the apt cost as taxable income on their taxes,they can be audited,fined and have a large bill from the feds.Homestead doesn't tell employees that when they get the "free" apt.So this year Sanata is forewarding all names and addy's to revenue Canada.Merry x-mas!......

  94. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 5, 2012 at 5:58 AM

    In the latest Homestead move they have whined to you tube about my video collection,well you tube found that amusing and shared the complaint with me,they also refused to delete the videos and asked to blur some faces as they are and I qoute "whining" to we made a little change but the vids stay and the entertainment is great,not to mention the fact that 100+ already watched the unblurred version and everybody knows what's what....nice try Homestead,but you got no support from the international community....

  95. 200 Bay Street South Hamilton, Ontario

    Ignorant supervisor of building staff and dirty building with signs falling off and garbage all over the place. It will be a better place with someone that actually cares about their tenants and not someone that continuously tries to twist your words around to save her paycheck and make you look bad, they are the ugliest form of being in the world. they are liers to save themselves. It would be nice if they resigned and left or were fired.

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 5, 2012 at 2:28 PM

      Let me guess,a new supervisor recently named Simone Grant?Lmao...well,good luck with that one she didn't even have keys to get into her own building she was managing before and tenants had to let her in.....

    2. I think u have the wrong building?, cause not 200 bay

    3. DanMyles westendhamboyDecember 6, 2012 at 4:30 PM

      I could be wrong I just know there was a shift in power,you may be correct....

  96. What I don't understand is if your not happy with homestead, why make a big deal give notice and move out, and rent from a company you like.

    1. DanMyles westendhamboyDecember 6, 2012 at 4:34 PM

      So anonymous gutless person,would you leave knowing over 100 others were in danger of a crazy arsonist and say nothing?Would you leave the elderly to live in a cold isolated apt. while being told everything is o.k.?Sure,leave,be the same as those who take it in the ass by a corperation,or speak up.You sir or madame are a spineless worm,.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      There is nothing wrong with the buildings and most of the staff is fine. The problem is letting people that are not worthy of jobs supervising maintenance have that type of power. They can not be trusted, the people they are friends with, their immediate family are not of good character. I would like to feel safe where I live and not have thieves, prostitutes and people that just do not care about the well being of anyone but themselves in charge of a building that I rent in. I know people change and they have had pasts but those types of people should not be welcome in positions of power. There are University graduates that have not endured the same type of drama and ignorance in their past lives that would be more suitable for the job, I am sincerely sorry to the new managers but i do not believe you are right for the job. You have shown me nothing but hate and ignorance.

    3. Well said, but in case you haven't figured it out yet these Friends of the Managers are Homestead Special OPS

    4. Take pictures of them. Be discreet. Pretend to be taking pictures of your dog, scenery, Darwin the Ikea Monkey. Chances are they will show up at another Homestead building undergoing Operation Move Out. Eventually someone will set up a site where we can post these pictures and connect the dots..........

  97. It's having an effect,thinking about others is the right thing to do,the video shows and says it all...

  98. Ur all morons. If you don't like the buildings. Don't rent.Would you buy a car you didn't like? Would you goto a cell company you don't like? So don't rent from a company you dont like. Simple

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 7, 2012 at 6:44 AM

      It's called a contract u {and the proper word is you} moron...break a contract,pay for a lawyer,or pay the difference.And when you are first led down the garden path with great promises and suddenly after you sign the contract,the employees who convinced you to sign get fired and steal everything on the way out the door,you begin to realize you have entered into something bad.CONTRACT....YOU MORON...

    2. Enter The Twilight ZoneDecember 7, 2012 at 3:32 PM

      Quote "you begin to realize you have entered into something bad. CONTRACT....YOU MORON..."
      You have entered the Twilight Zone
      Once you sign the lease you are stuck there until you pay all kinds of crazy move out fees.
      If Homestead Land Holdings buys your building what are your options?
      The Ontario Government made rules for landlords because of lowlife cockroach Slumlords called The Landlord Tenant Act now called The Residential Tenancy Act. You might ask yourself Why would anybody want to be a landlord with all these whiney kookooboos complaining about the heat, maintenance, visitor parking, broken elevators, bugs etc. The answer is simple, lots of profit in this business. MONEY.
      What do you do when you find a cockroach in your apartment?
      Kill it. Make sure it doesn't reproduce.

    3. DanMyles westendhamboyDecember 7, 2012 at 3:57 PM

      Interesting points...and well put....however I just saw a dramatic change here.Without saying too much,a certain group of cocaine dealers have a huge grudge against the management of the building and they have been very discreet in making inquiries as to who they are and where they live.As much as amuses me I would still not wish physical harm to come to anyone just because of a grudge.It has not only stopped me in my tracks but is making re-think things....for once in a long time I don't know what to do or say....

    4. It is illegal to ask someone to leave a property that they rent and or to harass or and interfere with the quiet enjoyment of a persons living arrangements including talking to their friends whether they be mutual and interrupt relationships they can be sued in a court of law for $200 000.00
      Q19: If the landlord or their employee(s) are harassing or threatening me, what should I do?

      A19: You should immediately contact the Investigation and Enforcement Unit (IEU) of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (it is separate from the Landlord and Tenant Board) at 1-888-772-9277 or 416-585-7214, your lawyer or community legal clinic.

      The legal clinic already has my case started, these people do not keep to themselves and laugh right by my door about me and think it is halarious. They are the meanest people I have ever met.

    5. Correction, Small Claims court limit $25 000.00 damages to vehicles which I am now in the second round of people that have lost their spot to underground, issued an outside spot at least 6 months prior to paying anything given the spot verbally and on paper by the maintanace guy then threatened to tow my vehicle, scratches on the back of my vehicle, seriously. Then written down after 6 months again and still outside after everyone but me in the first bunch of cars has been issued a spot, I asked them if there was an underground spot and they said no. Whether that was a lie or not I am still parked outside on the tennis court, it is seriously mean. That is what they are.

    6. westendhamboy Dan MylesDecember 12, 2012 at 1:49 PM

      Ah.don't fret you are about to see a major in-house shakeup of things,I haven't been dormant,I have been gathering information,video,and even support from their own masters....the battle within has already begun,but the full impact is yet to be seen.the art of war is a fine one and one must be very good at what you do to win,all I can say is soon...cheers and happy holiday...

    7. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 12, 2012 at 3:08 PM

      I have just viewed the undeground,there are lot's of parking spots but once they have a hate on for you,they will dick you around.I bet you drive a van,I know you,you know me,you want some action?I'm prepared to do battle to help you see me whan you can...I will explain course of action,you will win....

  99. You have nothing better to do than pretend you are walking that dirty dog. Fraud you are on your way out and not know. Drug dealer and know it all. Get a job and a life looser. you Don, you're an ass.

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 9, 2012 at 6:11 AM

      God,I have a job and the dog may be a bit dirty I haven't bathed her in a few days...lmao...and finally after all this get my name right you idiot,it's Dan....your spelling sucks,you must be employed by Homestead...roflmao..

  100. Hi Dan, I have printed your emails from this site and will forward to Homestead for legal actions to be taken against you. Your use of racial remarks is enough to get you out. You think you are smart but you are not. Homestead will get you. I think they are tired of you and knows you are up to no good. I guess they have better things to do than chase after you and you sick puppy. Get a life.

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 9, 2012 at 6:08 AM

      Then spell my name correctly,it's Dan Myles and I'm ready,let's play!Lawyers are great!,,,,roflmao...

    2. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 12, 2012 at 3:11 PM

      So how is that leagal action coming along you idiot....roflamo...face it ...your powerless...and when faced with real lawyers,money and balls ,,,,you fold...but on a good note regardless of your employment status with Homestead,have a merry Christmas and a happy new year anyway..

  101. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 9, 2012 at 6:28 AM

    This is great,the threats from "Anonymous" people who are Homestead employees are wonderful,when they are copied and presented to the tribunal along with the you tube vids plus the lawyer on retainer,not only will I win,I will know who the people are who are hiding their names.This is going to be such fun,when I get my judgement we will see just how much it's going to cost in damages to ME...lmao...plese continue to post,the evidence is mounting in my favor...thank you...

  102. Westendhamboy has become a celebrity on this web site. I look forward to coming home turning on the computer just to see what has happened in his life in his Homestead Hamilton building. His comments and videos are hillarious. It makes my day ROFLMAO Roll on the floor and laugh my ass off. If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 12, 2012 at 1:56 PM

      There are things happening,in-house fighting actually and they are on each other because of some other disgruntled person,but my info on that is sketchy at best,what you will see next will be very dramatic and very good,I have been active but in a very covert sense,experimenting a bit with motion activated cams and nightvision....get my wait a bit and I will try to spice up your Days of our x-mas by the way,,,,

    2. so Dan, if you wanted to play, why did you block me?. you were the one who opened up the playing field. Lets play ball!

  103. Dan myles.westendhamboy 2893962985December 12, 2012 at 6:22 PM you got balls enough to call me out,I got balls enough to talk to mee ....289...396...2985.....

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 13, 2012 at 2:43 AM

      Still no call???whats wrong Alex Macdonald?Lmao...I'm here,waiting,and you do have no idea how much info I have gathered on you,your tracks on the net are huge...alex macdonald,289-687-4836,you post your own photos,I could even post your s.i.n. number if you like.Lmao...

    2. That would be great. You didnt awnser my 12am wakeup service though ? And that number sure as hell ain't my number. If you wAnt my sin I will be glad to provide it :) but since you claim to be "all mighty stalker " I guess I don't have to. But that's ok. I enjoy the games lol. I'm actually Suprised you didn't awnser as I see you have nothing else to do in your spare time which seems to be quite plentiful. Anywho unlike you I have a job to attend. Enjoy your roach infested apt!

    3. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 13, 2012 at 6:00 AM

      Interesting,maybe this will refresh your memory,see that little light on your webcam?Now,shave,fix that hair,and hide the rolling papers on your computer table...lmao...and if you call that a job and thats as far as you want to educate yourself good luck with that.Try the number before you smoke up and maybe you can get it is fun though...and what is an awnser?merry x-mas to you anyway though and please feel free to post more...

  104. So I have called the number you provided and it rings through, no one picks up. SO when you feel like providing a real phone number let me know and we can chat :)

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 13, 2012 at 1:05 PM

      It is my number Alex,but I am at work..i.e. school,I might be home late depending on the work I have to finish I have finals next week...the similarities between you and I are striking,both online gamers,both I have seen your amature videos and they are good.These qualities denote intelligence...and I give you credit for that.I hate finals....cheers

  105. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 14, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    A glorious day for all Homestead employees at 165 and 145 Queen st.The company Christmas one should remeber the reasons for such a "family" party.As they suck up the Swiss Chalet or whatever fast food equivalent that is cheap and the company hugs you,they are reaching into your wallets.They are feeding you crap so as to take away your drug benifiets,eyeglass plans,dental plans,rrsp's,g.i.c.'c or any other appropriate plan that real employee's should have.I want to to look today,your boss shows up in his huge new black caddy escalade while you drive your 10 year old Honda and ancient pontiacs.The differences are shocking,and not giving your employee's the benifiets they should have is what I would consider unethical....but when run by Lawyers,expect skullduggery...

  106. The war grinds on,made homestead take action,made them my
    bitches...made the elderly happy...I win...check this out..

  107. A Homestead Christmas StoryDecember 15, 2012 at 12:36 AM

    Re: The Homestead Family Christmas Party
    "suck up the Swiss Chalet" I luv that special sauce.
    "the company hugs you,they are reaching into your wallets"
    just like hookers or Transylvanian Gypsies.
    westendhamboy you are too fucking funny. I'm sure the residents at 165 Queen St Hamilton appreciate the new mailboxes. I thank you on their behalf. I'm sure the postman didn't like going into that roach infested mail room either.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 15, 2012 at 10:57 AM

      Then why do you work for them when you could do better?

    2. That moveout cleaning fee money can buy me a new caddy at $600 a pop. Do the math

    3. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 16, 2012 at 4:24 AM

      Lmao...That is true,enjoy the caddy...

    4. that $600 cleaning fee is under the table so to speak no receipts cause its illegal, but new immigrants to Canada dont know the laws so we can baffle them with bullshit, thats the homestead experience

    5. hey no immagration bullshit,people take advantage of thse people,and they are just as guilty as the want to help someone,get them a job,back them up and help their family.Otherwise don't bother being involved....guess what happens when a Canadian citizen helps a foriegn person get Canadian citicenshp...they get it no problem...and so be it,has been for 100's of years and I like it.

  108. Coming Soon to 165 Queen St S HamiltonDecember 15, 2012 at 1:55 AM

    Here's the typical Homestead scenario. Buy a building in a great location (Hess Village) Turn the building into a slum, cockroaches, crackpipes, get long term tenants to move out, instead of fixing the mailboxes, do major renovations to the whole lobby and raise the rent.

    1. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 15, 2012 at 10:59 AM

      It's not to far off,but it's funny to have money and be in the scenario,you can do as you wish as you find it amusing...

  109. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 16, 2012 at 4:32 AM

    Picture this if you will,about 80% of the people who live in 145 and 165 queen st live on less than 15,000 a year.As of April of 2013 due to the bad season of crops this year,food prices are expected to spike from 30% to 50%.Most of these people already have nothing and intend to remain that way due to whatever situation dictates.Some do things outside the law for extra money,i.e.,smuggled smokes,drugs,theft take the cost of living up just the 30% and watch what happens.Things will happen and they probably won't be good.I am lucky to be in the position I am and I fear the world around here will decline economically very quickly..

  110. Hey all,I gotta give credit when credit is due...check this out...and it pains

  111. "Picture this if you will,about 80% of the people who live in 145 and 165 queen st live on less than 15,000 a year."

    Where's this stat coming from???

    Based on the prices on Homestead's Website, the average rental price is $644.00 a month plus hydro. So lets say monthly approximation cost of $750.00 (plus any parking). That is $9000.00 a year in rent excluding parking. Meaning the people who you claim are making less than $15,000.00 a year are living off of the remaining $6,000.00(at most) a year for food, amenities, miscellaneous expenses, etc... That leaves $500 dollars a month left for everything else... With the quoted cost of groceries increase you listed above ("As of April of 2013 due to the bad season of crops this year,food prices are expected to spike from 30% to 50%.") the entire Country would be bankrupt, not just the tenants at 145/165 Queen Street.

    Doing a quick Google Search for local stats, you would find that a Guelph Ontario Research Team has come up with the following:

    "Canadians can expect to pay more for food next year with most of the blame being placed on this summer’s drought that withered most of the American Midwest. Overall, the Guelph research team predicts general food costs will increase between 1.5 and 3.5 per cent in 2013." []

    So, "Dan Myles"... Before posting incorrect stats, perhaps you should do some research first to avoid looking like a fool.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Alberta beer prices the highestDecember 18, 2012 at 9:46 PM

      The Calgary Sun
      Alberta beer drinker Greg Morrell says he's not pleased about the climbing prices, and like many on a tight beer budget, he's been forced to switch brands to save money.
      "I'm unhappy about it -- there are no major label brands for a reasonable price, so I have to buy the cheap stuff," said Morrell, 47. "In response to the prices, I buy Black Label -- it's about as cheap as I can go and still find it palatable."

    2. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 19, 2012 at 3:51 AM

      It’s very difficult. Certainly there are commodity price fluctuations, fluctuations in our currency, the cost associated with fuel and other logistical issues; once again given the global nature of this industry. All of those do factor into the cost of goods that the retailers purchase from their suppliers and as I said, ultimately that will be reflected on the shelf.

      But what I think Canadian consumers can take comfort in, if you will, is that it is a very competitive grocery market here in Canada. That natural level of competitiveness will protect the consumer and ensure that they continue to have access to a great range of products at an extremely high quality and at an aggressively priced position.

      Read it on Global News: Global News | Q&A: How increased food prices affect the price of groceries
      Now the income stats are from 145 and 165 Queen are from the gov'ts own files from The Ontario Disability Support Program and the Ontario Works program,also information has been collected from susidised housing and the Trillium Project.So Mr. or Mrs. Homestead employee trying to defend a statistic that scares the crap out of you,plus the fact you rent to people with little or almost no income and you rent increase them constantly,this now constitutes the fact that you are a SLUMLORD,also the fact you remain "ANONYMOUS" also denotes the fact you are a gutles,spineless individual,typical of a Homested go back yo your little office and get ready to do your taxes.....this year is going to be fun for you..Merry Christmas and a happy new physical taxation year..

    3. how does that make anyone a SLUMLORD if you WILLINGLY rent this appartment?... and if you have been alive for more then 1year you will notice that yea...PRICE GO UP! :O I know right?! so instead of rambling on about how price and rent always goes up try picking up a book, they increase rent every year because shit gets more expensive. Ta-da

    4. People with little to no income have to rent housing from somewhere, or perhaps you would prefer them live on the streets? People need a place to live so they find one that they themselves deem affordable, if they miscalculated on how much they can afford, how is that a Homestead issue??

      Based on Hamilton OW benefit amounts I have found the following:
      A couple, no children would receive: $1,032 a month.
      Based on this amount, the "standard" for household budgeting would be that the couple spend $546.00 on rent.. if they cannot afford to live in Hamilton, or a big company, or a highrise, perhaps they should move somewhere else, or to a City/Town that is affordable for them based on their current income/situation.

      My husband and I lived on OW for a year and a half before moving to Hamilton for employment. Our rent was $650.00 a month, we didn't have a car, and the place we lived in wasn't the best place, but we made it work. Life wasn't great and we were not able to have nice fancy things or go out and have alot of fun, but when in that kind of circumstance it just makes you work harder to acheive the things you need to allow you to get what you really want in life... a nice home, a steady job and a good life together.

      Living off of OW is not a permanent way of life, it is a stepping stone to help you get back on your feet. People who do live off of OW, are cheating the system. There are always jobs, and always opportunities somewhere, you just have to look, you cannot be picky on the job you take. You just have to look.

      People renting an apartment for a higher amount than they can afford does not make it a Homestead issue, an Effort Trust issue, or a Realstar issue, it all falls back on the person that chose to rent the apartment they did, for the price they did. As tenants, you search for apartments, as tenants you search for ones that are nice and fancy in prime areas of the City you are in... perhaps wants should be put behind needs and you should be realistic about your own financial situation before placing the blame on others that do not control your brain or the decisions your brain makes.

    5. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 19, 2012 at 7:38 AM

      Interesting points and well put..but you realize I am trying to goad these Homestead employees into responding to anything,and it works very,very,well....

  112. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 19, 2012 at 4:09 AM

    The new forecasts are the agency’s first food price projections to factor in the drought, though experts have been warning for a few weeks that prices will rise. As fields dry out and crops wither across much of the country’s midsection, prices for corn, soybeans, and other commodities have soared in anticipation of tight supplies. That means farmers and ranchers will have to pay more to feed their livestock, and those costs eventually get passed on to consumers. Food prices typically climb about 1% for every 50% increase in average corn prices, according to agricultural economists.So if we smart little "ANONYMOUS" Homestead bloggers can do the math,a 4% increase across the board means corn cost has risen 200%,now pass that back to the consumer....and multiply it with the fuel/tranportation surtax being levied as of Jan 1...and don't forget the new fast food tax,you really don't get out of that office much do you...roflmao..

  113. Dan Myles westendhamboyDecember 19, 2012 at 7:43 AM

    Most of our food is based on corn,our pigs,beef,and chicken reley on it for feed,also cereals,breads,milk,and anything using corn as an ingredient or as a feed source.I will try to simplify this for the Homestead idiots,if I go to the grocery store and buy a piece of beef,and a piece of chicken,a pork chop,some cereal,and 10 items that have increased 4% each,when I go to pay,how much has my bill increased?

  114. Happy New Year All!Yes even you Homestead employees,to mark this joyous time of the year I have made a new video,relax,enjoy,and stay warm...

  115. Good going westendhamboy. Exposing Homestead Land Holdings flagrant minimum heat violations. Did you notice how this happens during the holidays when no city inspectors are available. Maybe it's just a coincidence. Ha Ha. I thought you knew how to hack the thermostat. Looks like Britt Smith and family are down in Florida wacked out on Ritalin playing freeze the tenants or maybe they are trying to freeze the cockroaches. Put your snow suits on and enjoy your Happy New Year. ROFLMAO You said Homestead is giving you good hot water to wash your dishes so just run some hoses from the sink taps all around your apartment and make your own radiators. Be careful not to flood the place. When you live in a Homestead building you have to be creative / handyman. And one more thing ... if you don't like it MOVE OUT

  116. Dan Myles westendhamboyJanuary 1, 2013 at 4:41 AM

    Who do I contact if I have a concern about a building's Property Standards?
    You can make a complaint about a possible Property Standards violation via phone or email to Municipal Law Enforcement (MLE). If you are a tenant then you need to inform your landlord in writing first by listing the violations and allowing a reasonable time frame for the violations to be corrected. MLE can be contacted and may investigate if there is no action taken in a timely manner. Staff will request a copy of the dated letter that was given to the property owner(s) as a part of their investigation. To lodge a complaint you can contact Municipal Law Enforcement at 905-546-2782 (press "2") or email
    done and sent yesterday with video and officer showed up at 2:00 p.m. confirmed info,read the site here,laughed and is preparing the paperwork.not only are they available,they are very polite and helpful,and the digital test was conducted in 4 other apts as well.EPIC FAIL....thanks for the help though,the city loves them!

  117. Since you opened the heating disussion,I have allowed all people who view the proper site to start the process.Good job Hidethesalamigirl,now you can deal with the phonecalls and paperwork from multiple people.And you shouldn't belittle yourself by calling yourself hidethesalamigirl,your bright,outspoken and chunky but cute in an intelligent way.Don't set your sites so low by being underpaid and overworked.Your better than that.And your company loyalty is unprecedented...respect to you for that as well..
    and here is the video you requested,just for you...

  118. A new years present for homestead...this is funny as fuck...see how well they treat their own technology!This would be the staff at 165 Queen...they need to ductape things on I guess...


How is the movie in your building?